AirConsole: Playing games directly from Browser with Smartphone as your controller & has many multiplayer games

Play on any platforms: Android, iOS, Web Browser, Android TV, Android Tablet, iPad, Windows App, Chrome App

Like to play games and thinking to buy next generation game console, be it PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch, or thinking to buy or upgrade your Computer so that it can play games?

Well, whatever that is, postpone your action first, before you try this out: AirConsole – the game console that’s literally in the air (read: cloud).

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post, I am not getting paid to write this. I’m writing this because I personally have tried the service offered and felt that it’s overall good, thankful for the FREE! promotion given (see below, sharing to you too!) and would like to share the good news too to all of you.

Meet AirConsole: The Online Video Game Console.

Your smartphones are the gamepads. Your browser is the console.

Everything these days are moving into the clouds, even now game console! AirConsole is one of them. You don’t need to spend hundreds to thousands dollars spent on buying the hardware just to play the games. All you need is a browser and a smartphone to play the games.

Compared to similar services offered by big names (Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud, Nvidia GeForce Now and the rest), AirConsole is more for casual gamers who are looking to play multiplayer games together (at least for now and that’s what I saw). AirConsole’s games library contains plenty of casual & fun games which you can play together with your siblings, friends and people around the world. Like Apple Arcade, AirConsole games are built-in and has no additional store purchases once you have subscribed to the service – not to worry, they have the free-tier too, read more below.

Have a look on AirConsole:

How’s that for fun?

AirConsole: 160+ over games and counting!

Currently there are about 160+ games in AirConsole’s games library, and these are the multiplayer most played games on the service:

  • 8bit Fiesta
  • Brawlanders
  • Card and Humanity
  • Dust Squad
  • Final Drift
  • Final Goal
  • Golfriends
  • Goroons
  • Gravity Train
  • PixWing
  • Racing Wars
  • Silly World Series
  • Skyrunners
  • The Babs
  • The Neighborhood
  • Tower of Babel

See the top games in actions:

I am interested, how to play AirConsole?

To start playing games on AirConsole, these are the steps:

1) Open your browser (from Computer, Tablet or TV). Hit this link: Click “Start”, then wait for the code to appear.

2) Get your smartphone ready, install AirConsole app.

AirConsole for Android
AirConsole for iOS

3) Once the link is opened on your browser and the AirConsole app has been installed on your smartphone, open the AirConsole app, tap the “Start playing AirConsole” to start, key in the code generated from the browser and follow the rest instructions to enjoy the game.

AirConsole: Free with ad-supported & Subscription based but both no in-app purchase.

You can always start FREE! to try out the games offered and only when you convinced, only then you may want to proceed with the subscription.

These are what you get and differences between the FREE!-tier and subscription tier.

#Tier 1: FREE (with ad-supported)Tier 2: AirConsole Hero (subscription)
Number of games11160+
Number of playersMax players (depends on the game played)Max players (depends on the game played)

Good news from AirConsole for YOU: It’s FREE! now

Depends on when you read this article, but when this article is written, AirConsole has a very good promotion, giving away people an AirConsole Hero access (that’s the subcription tier), so you can try and enjoy all the available games, all for FREE!

The promotion period is until 30th November 2020.

To enjoy the promotion, type in code 919 2020 on the smartphone app, then you’ll see the message “Hero enabled”.

Read here for more details:

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