eNGE – PlayStation Emulator built using JavaScript that runs on your Browser

While there are many emulators these days that run PlayStation game, but mostly are requiring software to be installed or placed within your computer / devices (smartphone / tablet). Rarely there were PlayStation emulators that runs natively on JavaScript at full speed on browser. That’s the reason Rene Kootstra starting a project to build PlayStation emulator entirely in JavaScript that can run on browser. The project is called eNGE.

Why would you even want to try this PlayStation JavaScript emulator – eNGE?

While this emulator is intended to be run on a computer, but nothing stops you to run this on a mobile device such as iPhone or iPad. Moreover, you can run this emulator from any devices without the needs to install or placing the setup file on your device (E.g.: Your company’s laptop).

For my case, I’m curious enough of Rene’s work and would like to give it a try myself.

eNGE: Here’s how to run eNGE PlayStation Emulator on your browser


1) PlayStation BIOS. SCPH-1000.BIN for Japan, SCPH-1001 for US, SCPH-1002 for PAL territories. Other PlayStation BIOS files should also works.
2) Game file. Any games you wish to play on this emulator.

Here are the steps.

1) Open your browser. Then type or click the following link: https://kootstra-rene.github.io/enge-js/.

2) The link opens eNGE – the PlayStation JavaScript emulator. There’s eNGE text blinking in red on the left side, upload button, controller button and Q1 button on the right side.

3) Load the BIOS. To play the game, first load the BIOS file. Click on the “Upload” button, then choose the PlayStation BIOS. Once BIOS is uploaded successfully, the eNGE text will stop blinking red.

PlayStation multiple bin jilaxzone.com load cue file
PlayStation multiple bin into 1 bin, check it out here: How to convert PlayStation 1 ISO multiple bin files into a single bin file at JILAXZONE

4) Load the game. Next is to load the game, click on the “Upload” button, this time choose the PlayStation game. eNGE, at this stage, is only supporting game with 1 single BIN file. So if you find your dumped PlayStation game contains more than 1 BIN file, you may want to do this to convert the multiple BINs PlayStation game into single BIN PlayStation game: How to convert PlayStation 1 ISO multiple bin files into a single bin file at JILAXZONE. I have personally tested using multiple BINs game that I converted into single BIN game – The Great Battle VI – and it works fine with eNGE.

enge playstation emulator browser road rash 3d jilaxzone.com
Playing Road Rash 3D PlayStation game on eNGE directly on Browser

5) Enjoy the game. It will start with the booting sequence. Showing you the memorable SONY and PlayStation logo.

The Q1 button is for changing image quality (Q2, Q4, Q8 – the latter means the highest the quality).

eNGE: Controller Setup

eNGE currently supports both keyboard and controller. However, I haven’t tried myself using a controller.

When using keyboard, this is the pre-setup:

PlayStation ButtonKeyboard Mapping
UpUp Arrow
RightRight Arrow
DownDown Arrow
LeftLeft Arrow

eNGE: Save Game & Memory Card

At the time when this article is written, unfortunately memory card module has not implemented yet. Hopefully it will be there on the subsequent releases.

Bring it all together

eNGE is still a work-in-progress by Rene and other contributors, so do expect some glitches and some other functions are missing (E.g.: Memory card), but if like me, you are curious enough to try, please do. I have tested running a few games and most of them are run perfects (able to boot into game and play the game). Games I personally tested are: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (runs ok), Crash Bandicoot (some graphical glitch, but runs ok), Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (blank screen after booting), Persona (runs ok), Road Rash 3D (runs ok), The Great Battle VI (some graphical glitch, but runs ok).

Wanted to learn JavaScript and contribute to the project?

learning javascript for beginner jilaxzone.com
Wanted to learn JavaScript? Use the tutorial here.

Here are some references where you can learn JavaScript for FREE: Beginners Guide to JavaScript at JILAXZONE.

To contribute to Rene’s eNGE project, head to the references below.


eNGE Github page: https://github.com/kootstra-rene/enge-js.

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