Here’s How to do IPS Patching on a Game | Play ROM Patches & ROM Hacks

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Wanted to apply or use ROM Patch or ROM hack you found? You are at the right place. This article explains the what, why and how to apply ROM patching and ROM hacking.

This article covers how to apply and use ROM patching or ROM hacking and where to find such game patches or rom hacks.
This article, however, does not cover how you create the ROM patching or ROM hacking.
One of the earliest and most used method to do ROM patching / hacking is called IPS Patching.

What is IPS Patching?

IPS stands for International Patching System. According to MSX Resource Center wiki found on the link, the IPS method originally was used to patch image files to fix bugs, however as the time goes, it’s now used for patching game ROMs – patching could means: adding new features, removing certain features, adding colors, adding levels and so much more.

Why would you want to apply ROM patching or ROM hacking?

Simply the patch / hack is either fixing the game issues, enhance the game graphics, music, colors or even add more stages or change/remove some of the game stages. If you can find a good ROM patching and ROM hacking, you can even see and play the game totally differently, like a new sequel / prequel for the game.

What are the Game Console / Systems compatible with IPS Patching?

Generally, IPS patching covers lots of retro game consoles, so long the patches / hacks do not exceed in 16MBs. Have a look at the section below, I have some ROM patch / ROM hacks recommendation for you to try on!

Without further ado, check out how you can apply IPS patching.

Here are the steps to do IPS Patching

These are the generic steps to do game ROM patching that are using IPS patch.

Step 1) Download the Lunar IPS software

The most common IPS software used on Windows is this Lunar IPS.

Download LinkLunar IPS

You should get (as of when this article is written, Lunar IPS latest version is 1.03).

However, if you don’t use Windows or don’t want to use Lunar IPS, here are some other alternatives – there are IPSEXE, Lipx, JIPS and many more:

IPSEXE (for Windows)Download IPSEXE
Lipx (for Linux with Python)Download Lipx
Multipatch Patching Tool (for Mac)Download Multipatch Patching Tool
IPS Patching Tool (online via browser)Open IPS Patching Tool

Other IPS Patching tool and info, can refer here: Other IPS Patching Tool at MSX forum.

For the purpose of this article, I’m going to use Lunar IPS and the subsequent steps would be based on Lunar IPS. If you happen to use other IPS software, the steps may be a little bit different, but you should get the idea by reading the remaining steps provided below.

Step 2) Get the Rom Hack / Patch

While typically individual/group who made the game ROM patch/hack hosted it on their own website, but there’s one common website that sums them all up.

a) Open Rom Hacking website, link:

b) On the ROM Hacks page, select the “Platform” then press “GO”, and check out the available game ROM patches / hacks.

The above link is your starting point. In case you know / have other link to ROM patch / hack, feel free to get from your link instead (and don’t forget to share via the comment section down below).

Step 3) Dump & get the original Game ROM

Depending on which game you want to dump, you can find out the steps by googling using the following keyword: “how dump <console> game ROM?
Replace with <console> your console of choice.

Step 4) Patch the ROM

how to use lunar ips patch
Lunar IPS Patch Application

Follow these steps to patch the game ROM.

a) Extract the Lunar IPS, by unzipping the you get from Step 1) above.

b) Once unzipped, double click to run Lunar IPS.exe.

c) Click on “Apply IPS Patch”.

d) When prompted, browse and select the IPS patch file (*.ips) by clicking “Open”.

e) You’ll get prompted again, this time to select the game you want to patch. Browse and select the game you get from Step 3 above and click “Open”.

f) If successful, you’ll get “The file successfully patched!” message. Click “OK”.

You can now close the Lunar IPS program.

Where to find the ROM Patching & ROM Hacking for Retro Games?

These are some retro game console and how to find their ROM Patches and ROM hacks.

1Game BoyGame Boy ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking
2Game Boy AdvanceGame Boy Advance ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking
3N64N64 ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking
4NESNES ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking
5SNESSNES ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking
6SEGA Genesis / Mega DriveSEGA Genesis / Mega Drive ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking
7SEGA Game GearSEGA Game Gear ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking
8SEGA Master SystemSEGA Master System ROM patches & hacks at ROMhacking

Some ROM Patches & ROM Hacks Recommendations

These are all some of my favorite ROM patches / hacks – which I’m bet you’ll be having fun with all these games.

Game Boy

Game Boy Advance GBA family
Game Boy Advance Family – image courtesy of retrogamebuyer (
#Game Patch / HackDownload Link
1Super Mario Land DXROM Patch Link


Nintendo NES the famous console box
Nintendo NES: The box of the original & famous now-30-year-old NINTENDO console
#Game Patch / HackDownload Link
1Captain America: The Winter SoldierROM Patch Link
2Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenROM Patch Link
3Mario AdventureROM Patch Link
4Super Smash Bros.ROM Patch Link
5Super Mario Bros. 2 Player Hack
(Can play concurrently 2 players)
ROM Patch Link


SNES Super Nintendo Console image
SNES Super Nintendo Console. Image courtesy of Evan-Amos
#Game Patch / HackDownload Link
The Legend of Zelda: Parallel WorldsROM Patch Link
New Super Mario World 2: Around the WorldROM Patch Link

SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

Sega genesis sega megadrive console
The original Sega Megadrive (Japan version) or in the U.S known as Sega Genesis
#Game Patch / HackDownload Link
1TMNT Shredder’s Re-revengeROM Patch Link

Compatible emulator to play ROM Patches & ROM Hacks

There are multiple emulators out there which can play ROM Patches & ROM Hacks, however my recommended emulator is RetroArch. Although it’s daunting for first timer to setup the emulator, but once you get to know how to use RetroArch, like myself, it’s simply one of the best multi-game emulator out there.

retroarch logo
RetroArch emulator: How to, Setup, configure, tips and tricks and more. Image courtesy of RetroArch.

Good thing, RetroArch is also available in multiple platforms: PC, Raspberry Pi, Android and even Mac and iOS!

Download LinkRetroArch

Bring it all together

So that’s it for IPS Patching to apply patches or hacks into a game, I’m hoping you’ll have your fun trying out various ROM patches and hacks out there. In case you encountered any difficulties and/or have queries, don’t hesitate to put your queries or thoughts on the comment section down below. I’ll be happy to assist.

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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