How to Play Games without Ads on Android and iPhone

Playing games is fun, but it’s no longer fun if the games showing to many ads to many times. And the most annoying part is ads that is shown in the middle of the game while we (the player) are interacting with the game.
There’s this simple way to play the games without ads or with reduced ads.

Do you know?

That playing games with ads keep popping up reduce your cellular data/internet data plan? Especially nowadays all the advertisers use video instead of just photos or pictures. Just in case you are not aware, yes they are consuming and eating your internet data plan.
To note: my brother is working at game developer and publisher company, so I’m writing this note – I knew from him one of the factors that keeps game developer and publisher company to be alive is ads. Please use this method only if you are really dying of internet data plan. If you are using the method over and over again on daily basis, game developers and publishers won’t get their share of income from the ads and in the end they will gone bankrupt which means no more games for us.

Play games without ads: Turning On Airplane mode

Play games without ads on android and iOS
Playing games without ads: Turning ON Airplane Mode and Turning OFF WiFi

No jailbreak required, no need to install any tweaks or apps, it’s just simple turning on airplane mode then most of the ads will be gone from your games. Make sure when you are turning on airplane mode, you are not connected to WiFi. In case your WiFi is turned on, turn it off, so you are completely off from the internet.

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Why most of ads gone and not all gone?

Different games different developers, different developers have their different way implementing and showing ads. Most of developers are showing ads only if there’s network connection (connected to WiFi or cellular data), but there are certain developer that do caching their ads while the phone/tablet connected to WiFi or cellular data.

Those developers that do ‘caching’ of ads, their games will still show ads even though you are turning on airplane mode. There’s no easy way so far to disable ads from these kind of games.


The Caveats

Anyway, by turning on airplane mode and turning off WiFi there’s these caveats:

1. You can only play offline games

It’s obvious. The method of turning on airplane mode and turning off WiFi only works for offline games a.k.a games that do not require constant connection to internet.

2. You are disconnected from the world

By turning on airplane mode and turning off WiFi, you are disconnected from the world. You won’t get phone call, you won’t get SMS, you won’t even get FaceTime call, WhatsApp message and even Facebook notification.

The Verdict

Now you can play games without getting annoyed by ads and pop-ups while at the same time save your cellular data / internet data plan. Cheers!


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