This is Life Brutal Truth

That many are not realizing nor admitting it or trying to escape it – including probably you.

Do you know that our lives are like a marathon? How far off are you from your goals?

This probably what many of us picture our lives is.

life brutal truth
Many of us is picturing this on their head

That everybody is going on the same pace with you.

On top of having that kind of picture on your head, being lazy, complaining, cursing, too much relaxing, always waiting for the right time and procrastinating are your close friends right now.

Unfortunately the picture you just saw, that’s not the reality.

This is the real life brutal truth …

And this is the reality – many of us are trying to escape from.

life brutal truth life is like a marathon
Life Brutal Truth – Everybody is moving at different pace. While you are stopping, there are many others are still running

Many people – you may be one of them – is either don’t realize or trying to play deaf on one fact that, while you are stopping, resting and relaxing, there are people out there who still keep running, walking or making their moves.

If you stop walking and running, doesn’t mean the whole world will also stop walking and running and waiting for you to continue. The world doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.

The world doesn’t stop. The world doesn’t wait you. The rest of the world will still walk, run, move regardless you move or not.

Reality Fact Check

Look around you. Where are your schoolmates friends now? Or your childhood’s playmates?

Are they in better position/health/shape/job position/title/financial/<fill in yourself> than you?

Keep the answer to yourself, stop complaining, stop procrastinating and start catching up now. Start taking the action now. Make your move!

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