Will Apple ever brings back Home Button on 2018 iPhone XI (or iPhone X2)?

Based on rumors, Apple plan to sell 3 iPhone this year with one iPhone – the top most premium one – is rumored to have price tag that even more expensive than last year iPhone X.

There’s should be some new things apart from the standard iOS 12 every iPhone will get (read here my iOS 12 wish lists), upgraded Processor – likely A12, possible higher RAM and higher storage capacity, better camera – it should be either a new component or a new premium functionality specific for the top most premium iPhone – to justify the price increase.

Does it make sense to bring back Home Button with Touch ID to Next Gen iPhone?

While a new third camera does make sense – Huawei started it first with its P20 series Android smartphone – but bringing back one of the most sought missing feature – the Home Button with Touch ID sensor – also does make sense. At least to me.
iPhone 2018 Touch ID Home Button jilaxzone.com
Artists render of what we wish iPhone 2018 shall have – A built-in Home Button with Touch ID – Image courtesy of www.baomoi.com
With some companies (Chinese phone maker companies) managed to make fingerprint scanner to work under the screen, there’s a slight possibility that Apple is considering to bring back the Touch ID for Apple next major release of 2018 iPhone, dubbed as iPhone iPhone XI or iPhone X2 or whatever Apple will call it later.

Main reason to bring the missing Home Button and/or Touch ID is to make user experiences more convenient, because although Face ID is sophisticated and cool but it’s slow – especially compared to Touch ID when it comes to unlocking device. Touch ID also able to store 5 different fingers unlike Face ID which can only store 1 face.

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iphones-2018 rumours jilaxzone.com
iPhone 2018 Rumours – Image courtesy of www.macrumors.com
So the 3 new devices configurations likely:
As seen on the image above, these are likely the configurations.
1. 5.8 inch OLED 2018 iPhone: This is the direct successor of iPhone X today.
2. 6.1 inch TFT-LCD 2018 iPhone: This is the cheap version of iPhone X. It has the same shape as iPhone X, bigger screen but with TFT-LCD.
3. 6.5 inch OLED 2018 iPhone: This is the top most premium iPhone which likely surpass the $1000 price tag even for the basic model. This is the model that likely have built-in Home Button that function as Touch ID merged to the iPhone screen.

Home Button with Touch ID on iPhone 2018 – Will that ever happen?

Apple is the top in the list when it comes to secrecy, especially on the killer feature of the next generation of iPhone. Do you think Apple will consider bringing back the Home Button with Touch ID on next generation of iPhone? If say, it does really happen, will you buy the top most premium iPhone that carry the Home Button?

Give your thoughts on comment section below. Cheers.

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5 thoughts on “Will Apple ever brings back Home Button on 2018 iPhone XI (or iPhone X2)?

  • September 20, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    I love my iPhone Home Button and can’t live without it! I really hope Apple comes out with a new phone like the iPhone 8 Plus but better with the button, i’m not a fan on the X and refuse to update. If a new phone comes out though like the iPhone 9 Plus in 2019 with a home button ill be the first in line! 🙂

  • September 22, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    As we all know, new iPhone has been released. And 3 of them now are all edge-to-edge full screen. Now the chance for Apple to bring back home button is getting slimmer and slimmer. Hoping on the new year, Apple will introduce the iPhone SE successor together with Home Button 🙂

  • November 26, 2018 at 6:03 pm

    I will never buy another iphone without a home button


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