iOS Tweaks – Disable Jiggle Mode – Delete Apps on iPhone and iOS devices

No more accidental deletion of apps and games. No more friends deleting your apps and games just for fun.

Either it’s an app or a game, whatever that is, it will be super sucks if your app or game progress is gone due to accidental deletion of app/game. Or for sure you’ll be super mad if your friend who’s playing with your iPhone, irresponsibly delete your apps or games just for fun.

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Apps Getting Deleted – No Way to Restore Current Latest Saved Data

Happen to me before and the same thing could also happen (or have happened) to you, I played one game and chose not to sync it with Facebook (to enable cloud save and sync – I didn’t connect to Facebook because I don’t want Facebook to know every bits of me), and one night I felt my head was so heavy yet I still tried to play the game with my iPhone just because I wanted to catch up with friends who also playing the same game. Next thing in the morning, I woke up feeling angry because the game was missing from my iPhone app drawer. After taking some time recalling what was happened, I assumed it was getting deleted accidentally the day before when I felt sleepy – somehow I activated the iOS jiggle mode to delete apps and there you go – any apps or games shall be deleted the moment you press the ‘X’ button on the app icon without any confirmation.

iOS 12 disable delete apps before
iOS Jiggle Mode – When activated, you can delete any apps or games just by tapping on ‘X’ on the app icon

Back then, there were only 2 ways: either restore my iPhone from my last backup which I didn’t know when was the last time I did backup my iPhone to my Mac, or redo the game from the beginning again. I chose to skip both options and moved on from the game, forgetting that I played the game before.

Today, such thing could be prevented. No more losing your apps or games saved data.

Apple iOS 12 More Power to You
This trick works as well on iOS 12

Fast forward to today. After playing around with iPhone and iOS long enough, I do realize, actually there’s the 3rd options which Apple has been implementing since iOS 9 (means iOS 11 and iOS 12 are also supported). And it requires 2-3 minutes of your time to set it up to save and secure months worth of your apps or games saved data.

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Here’s what you can do to disable apps deletion from iOS.

This trick should works on iOS 9 and up, including iOS 12.

1) Go to Settings then General

2) Find Restrictions

3) If Restrictions is ON, key in your passcode and jump to step 4 below.

If Restrictions is OFF, then you first need to turn it ON by enabling it. When enabling restrictions, you’ll be asked to provide a 4-digit passcode. This passcode you should remember and it’s not the same as the iOS lock screen passcode.

4) On Restrictions page, go and find “Deleting Apps”.

iOS 12 disable delete apps from iOS restrictions
Settings then General then Restrictions, Disable Deleting Apps – to disable delete apps and games when jiggle mode is activated

5) Switch OFF “Deleting Apps” to prevent anyone – even yourself – without passcode access to Restrictions to be able deleting any apps or games.

iOS 12 disable delete apps after
iOS Jiggle Mode – Now even when activated, the apps or games can no longer be deleted, since there’s no ‘X’ on each app icon anymore

Now go back to Home screen and try delete any of your apps or games. You will no longer be able to delete any single apps or games, be it Apple stock apps or 3rd party apps/games.

The Verdict

Should I knew this trick before, I would have been still playing with the game till today and I would have not been so mad to myself.

What are you waiting for? Act today before it’s too late.

iOS 12 tips and tricks disable delete apps
iOS Tips and Tricks – Disable App Deletion – No more apps and games getting deleted accidentally – works for iOS 12 too!

Did similar thing happen to you as well before – apps or games disappeared from your Home screen because they got deleted?

Do share your moments on the comment section down below. Cheers!

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