iOS 12 Tips & Tricks: Use Camera Comic Filter and Other Hidden Filters on your iPhone

As it turns out, iOS 12 has a lot of features, most of the big features such as Shortcuts, Screen Time, Downtime, faster performance, Apple had introduced them during iOS 12 introduction at the WWDC 2018 event, some of them are not publicly told and published, some of them are hidden in plain sight!

One of those hidden and not publicly announced and introduced is new camera filters. And with this post, I would like to let you know how to use these hidden filters.

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Photos taken from Hidden Camera Filters

Before I tell you how to do it, take a look at these photos which I took using the hidden comic filters on iOS 12.

iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter bright sunny day
Bright Sunny Day – with iOS 12 Camera Comic Filter. Click here for better resolution.


iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter Singapore MBS Marina Bay Sands
Singapore Marina Bay Sands – with iOS 12 Camera Comic Filter. Click here for better resolution.


iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter A girl with Ferris Wheel
A girl smiling with Ferris Wheel behind – with iOS 12 Camera Comic Filter. Click here for better resolution.


iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter Bus Driver doing U-turn
Bus driver passing a U-turn sign – with iOS 12 Camera Comic Filter. Click here for better resolution.


iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter Giant Super Tree
Giant Super Tree which you can find on Singapore Gardens By The Bay – with iOS 12 Camera Comic Filter. Click here for better resolution.

I love those photos! Gorgeous aren’t they?

Well you can do the same. All you need to do is an iPhone with iOS 12 and the trick to use it!

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Hidden iOS Camera Filters – Here’s How to Use Them

Since past previous iOS, the iPhone stock camera has camera filters which you can use during taking photos to turn your photos to look a little bit different, depends on the filter that you chose to use with.

Now since Apple published and released iOS 12 to the public, there are new sets of photo filters which unfortunately you won’t be able to find it on the iOS stock camera.

Here’s the trick to use the hidden camera filters and what these hidden filters are.

1) Open Messages app.

2) Compose a new text message by tapping on the pencil with notes icon located on the top most right of screen.

3) Before tapping on the Camera icon, pick a random message recipient by tapping on the (+) button located on top right of the screen. Any random number/person will do.

iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter open messages app and camera
Tap “+” to add recipient and tap on “Camera” to activate camera

4) Tap on Camera icon, located on the left side just above the iOS keyboard.

5) Once the camera opened, tap on the star icon, located on bottom left of the screen.

iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter activate hidden filters
Tap “Star” icon to bring up sub-menu. then on the sub-menu, tap “Filter” to open the hidden camera filters

6) Tap on the filter icon (the one with red, green, blue circle) to bring up list of hidden camera filters.

There are 5 hidden photo filters here:

  • Comic
  • Comic Mono
  • Ink
  • Watercolor
  • Watercolor Mono

7) Choose any of the hidden filter and snap your photo.

iOS 12 Comic Camera Filter save photo to camera roll
Tap “Done” to save photo to Camera Roll or Tap “Blue Arrow” to both save photo to Camera Roll and send it to recipient

8) Once snapped, if you would like to save it to Camera roll, tap “Done” or tap the “Blue Arrow” only if you would like to send your just snapped photo to the recipient.

That’s it! That’s the trick to make use of 5 hidden photo filters on iOS 12.

Bring It All Together

I would wish Apple to make this hidden filters to be enabled and part of filters on the iOS stock camera app. Though the filters are great, but currently it super hassle to take a comic-look and other hidden filters photos, since you need to go to Messages app to take the photo and for each photo, you have to do the same whole steps again.

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