Use iOS MFi controller to play games on Windows PC – PC Games, Steam, Emulator, or anything on PC

Long story short: If you have any iPhone or iOS MFi Controller (MFi = Made for iPhone) and need to use your it to play games on Windows, yes you can!

Check the steps below.

The story

My wife was really keen to play Overcooked 2 – It’s a great game indeed – great gameplay and require full team work.

In case you never see Overcooked 2, here’s the official video from Team17 on YouTube.

Overcooked 2, so much fun!

Issue was, I don’t have either Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 with me. But I do have a Windows PC (which Overcooked 2 is available on Steam) and a Android Bluetooth Controller (iPega 9023) and a MFi Controller (Steelseries Nimbus). Playing Overcooked with keyboard is sucks (I tried before), so don’t even think to split the keyboard for two persons playing the game together. While I’m happy my Android Bluetooth controller can connect to my PC and appear on Steam screen, however that’s not the case for my MFi controller.

ios 13 compatible bluetooth controller MFi
My Steelseries Nimbus – iOS MFi (Made For iPhone) Bluetooth Controller

So after googling around, I found this link below on Github that enables MFi controller to work on Windows PC and appear on Steam (literally you can use it to play other PC games other than Steam games).

Download MFi Controller for Windows Driver

Well, technically it’s not really a driver as in Windows driver, but it’s a piece of software that enables MFi controller to work on Windows. It maps the MFi controller to be another controller supported by Windows (Eg: Xbox 360 controller).

Find download link here:

Once downloaded, don’t forget to set it up and configure it to make the MFi controller to work on Windows.

Setup MFi Controller to work on Windows PC

The guide is made based on PC with Windows 10 Home and SteelSeries Nimbus MFi (Made For iPhone) controller. If you are using different version of Windows or MFi controller, you just have to adjust the steps slightly, as most of them are pretty much the same.

Nintendo Switch DIY IPEGA-9083 bluetooth controller
This is the other Bluetooth Controller I’m using, the IPEGA-9083 Bluetooth Controller. Click here (Amazon link) if you are intersted to buy one.

1) First, ensure your PC has Bluetooth, if not, you can use any Bluetooth dongle.

2) Second, download the MFi Gamepad Feeder (link above) and install it. A restart is required. Make sure you restart your Windows PC.

3) Once restarted, turn on Bluetooth on your Windows PC. Go to Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & Other devices. Turn the Bluetooth ON.

4) Then turn on Bluetooth on the MFi controller. Set it up on pair mode.

5) Once Bluetooth on both devices are turned on, from your Windows PC, add a Bluetooth Device by clicking on (+) Add Bluetooth or other device > Bluetooth.

6) Let Windows locate and find your MFi controller. Choose the MFi controller and let Windows do the rest.

7) Once adding Bluetooth is completed, ensure the MFi controller paired and connected (if you see the status as paired only and not connected, remove the MFi controller from the list and redo the steps).

8) Find and open the MFiGamepadFeeder on Windows PC. Go to Start and type “MFIGamepadFeeder” and click on it to start the software.

9) On the interface, under Active, tick 1 if you have 1 MFi controller, tick 2 and so on if you have multiple MFi controllers with you.

10) Then under Gamepad device, select the MFi controller. Do note, sometimes the controller name is not totally the same as the actual name, like on my case, my SteelSeries Nimbus controller is known as Microsoft HIDIC2 Device. Pick the correct one.

mfi gamepad feeder
MFi Gamepad Feeder – simple interface, yet powerful! As it can make MFi controller to work on Windows PC!

11) Then click on Start. By default, the MFi controller is acknowledged as and mapped to a XBOX 360 controller.

If you do it correctly, you should hear the Windows “connecting” sound, the same sound when you are plugging a thumb drive into Windows. And you should also see 2 messages: Xbox bus installed, then Successfully initialized gamepad 1. Redo the step for the rest of MFi controllers – if you have more than 1.

Bring it all together

Now both my wife and I can happily play Overcooked 2 on Windows PC both using controllers. You, too, can use any MFi controller when playing games on Windows PC!

Thanks to Michal Mizera and all folks who has made this possible!

For more information about MFiGamepadFeeder, visit the GitHub page here.

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