Animal Crossing: Good values & life lessons learned & why you should play if you haven’t (Parents, let your kids play this game)

Animal Crossing – a game made by Nintendo, when someone who never played it before and have their first look at the game, many of them – including probably yourself just by seeing from the game home screen or game cover – must be saying it’s a kind of cute game and therefore this game is only for kids/girls/ladies. While they may not be wrong that Animal Crossing is a cute game, but they are totally wrong when they said it’s just for ladies/girls and kids. The game is really for everyone – male, female, kids, adults, young and old to play it as it’s not only entertaining but also, on my case personally, taught me many important lessons in life.

animal crossing pocket camp logo
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp main menu – cute game for everyone to play with

If you are a parent who has kid(s) and you know your kid(s) didn’t know and/or haven’t played the game before, do introduce them to the game and let them play the game, so like me, they will not only get entertained, they will also learn the life values taught by the game, however I should warn you that the game is highly addictive. Do check here how you can limit them.

These are good values and life lessons learned from playing Animal Crossing

Before starting with the values and life lessons learned, here is the game trailer – in case you haven’t seen one before.

1) Good to have many friends

The more friends you have, the easier to achieve something. In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game, you need at least help from 5 friends to get you to Quarry for free, otherwise you need to spend 20 leaf tickets to enter the quarry. If you get more friends, you’ll have better chances of entering the Quarry. The same goes to our real life. The more friends you have, the easier likely to achieve something.

Togetherness – Together we can create a full circle, completing one to another

Though I’m suggesting you to have more friends not only in the game, but also in real life because of that obvious reasons, but internally within myself, I have issue on this one, the fact that I’m an introvert person. If you are the type of person where being close to your friends, you’ll get more energy then I’m the other way around. I am the type of person whenever I’m being close to someone, it will eventually kind of draining my energy. I know there’s something wrong inside of me and I am still trying to fix this internally, which hopefully gets better in time. So for any of my friends or ex-friends (if you consider me like that) who happen to read this article of mine, please do forgive me if one way or another I’m ignoring you.

2) Serve and not to be served mentality

In the game, the more frequent you feed the animals, invite them, dress them, cheer them up which in the end, leads you to get to a higher level, earning leaf tickets and gets you more Bells (the currency used in the game).

animal crossing make friends with animals
The more animal friends you have served, the better you are – higher level and wealthier

This is also true in our real life. See people who serve others and see how they benefit they get as the results, like Mark Zuckerberg – using Facebook to connect billions of people, like Elon Musk – using SpaceX to give us dream to fly to the moon one day and many others. That’s what I am trying to do here with my blog at I am trying to serve others with my knowledge and experiences which I hope one day, the blog can become my source of passive income.

3) Spend only on anything you need

On the game, you can spend anyhow you like to everything you want, even when you don’t have enough capital, the game allows you to easily borrow money. On Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you can keep upgrading your camper car even you don’t have the money – the OK motor guys happily give you a loan.

Same goes to our real life. In the world that we live in today, there’s simply too many distractions that make us want to spend more and more money – even more than what we have – since now it’s so much easy for someone to borrow money with credit cards. Depends on who you are but some of these may catch you eyes: fancy cars, big house with garden and pools, new & most powerful and expensive smartphone, new jewelries, new house renovations, new kitchen, new shoes, new clothes and so many more.

animal crossing earning million bells dollar
Despite on the game I’m almost a Millionaire, I still drive a modest camper car. I spend only what I need

Question is, do you really need them all? Do you intend to spend money because you really need the item or actually you spend only to just show off, worst even to impress someone that they may be even don’t care, such as your neighbors?

Spend only on anything that you really need – this is what my Dad taught me back when I was a small kid and now the game. Don’t be like most people where they like over-complicate their life by spending above their means with the intention to show off and end-up paying back for their whole life.

Always remember the time when you were in high school or college where you can live with whatever you have with you and feel enough and satisfy.

If you really need something, do try to follow my tips here on how to get items without spending a dime.

4) Improve and revise as needed

Part of playing the game is to figure out who the mechanics work. First time you may not get them correctly, but it’s never been too late to revise and improve as you play along.

animal crossing catching butterflies
Catching butterflies is one of the things you do on Animal Crossings

Same goes to your life. If you messed up, that doesn’t mean everywhere else is a dead end. There’s always a way to revise and improve the situation. You just need to do the next point.

5) Be creative

If you are following the news recently (as of April 2020), many Hong Kong protesters are now moving to Animal Crossing New Horizons to continue their protests against China.

Be creative!

On Animal Crossing New Horizons there’s this pattern editing mode that allows anyone to be creative, like what you see on the quoted Twitter above. Nah, I won’t discuss Hong Kong protest here, but more on the creative part where the one of protester is making poster of China’s president, Hong Kong Chief Executive and those protest banner inside the game! Super creative!

By being creative, you can turn rock into gold, you can anything into something you can use to help you, something valuable.

Apply the same creativity to and on your life and you’ll eventually unlock unlimited possibilities.

6) Be wealthy by doing extra miles

Catch the fishes, butterflies and bugs, pick the fruits, then sell them on the market to earn you Bells (currency on the game). With more Bells, you can use it to purchase and make necessary furniture needed by the animals.

animal crossing fishing tuna
Go extra miles to be wealthier

In real life, you can do similar thing, by going extra miles to earn you more. Not only on earning more money, but earning more knowledge and experience. Like me, creating contents such as this blog post, to share my knowledge and experience which in the end earn me passive income (through the ads and/or sponsorship). You too can do similar things. Try going extra miles and you likely get wealthier sooner than your thoughts.

7) Be patient, everything needs time.

On the game, you can plant flowers, pick fruits, you can upgrade your camp/house look and feel to be better. Unless you do in-app purchase to expedite their growth, you need to wait for them to grow and once they grown up, you can crop them in exchange for Bells.

animal crossing garden and flowers
Everything needs time and whole lot patient. The colorful flowers bloom after waiting for 3-4 hours.

Same thing happening in life, while you can always use shortcut (Eg: using money to accomplish something), but certain things do really need time to grow (such as: your knowledge on something, your business, your dream and goals) and not everything can be bought by money. So learn to be patient while at the same time do effort to achieve them.

Bring it all together

If the good values and life lessons above aren’t enough to convince you to try and start playing the game, do check here to get more reasons on why you should consider at least try to play the game.

If you haven’t played or owned the game before. Download link is available here.

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