Best Sega Game Gear to play today

Back in 90’s, Sega Game Gear was released to compete with rival king Nintendo’s Game Boy. Being in the market 1 year after the original Game Boy was released, Sega Game Gear took full advantages of it: it came with better higher specs and more importantly colorful screen – unlike Nintendo’s Game Boy which was monochromatic at that time. However, that comes with some costs: heavier and pricier than the original Nintendo’s Game Boy. Nevertheless, it’s still a good handheld to own as a kid back then.

Today, I’m going to show you here, Sega Game Gear libraries which you will still enjoy playing it today – especially since recently there’s announcement made by Sega on the upcoming Sega Game Gear Micro. On the list, I will exclude sports games here – since pretty much they are outdated and to include more on the king genre of that time – Beat em up! as well as side scrolling adventures. Reason being: I love side scrolling adventure and beat ’em up! And even today, for beat ’em up genre lovers, you need to read this article to know that Beat ’em up is not dead yet!

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These are the list of Sega Game Gear games that you will still enjoy playing it today

The list shown here are games I played before and alphabetically sorted. I include a companion YouTube videos for every game I played before (the videos weren’t me uploading) so that you can easily acknowledge or recall if you – too – ever played the games before.

Do note, the list can grow in the future as I recall more and more great Game Gear games, so be sure to check them out in the future as well.

1) Ax Battler – A Legend of Golden Axe

2) Chase H.Q

3) GP Rider (Super Hang On)

4) Gunstar Heroes

One my favorite – the best side scrolling shooter ever made!

5) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I love red since I was born, so Red ranger was definitely my choice when I played this game.

6) Ninja Gaiden

7) Out Run

8) Ronald in Magical World (Ronald McDonald)

9) Sonic Chaos (or Sonic & Tails in Japan)

Dr. Eggman troubles Sonic again, stealing the Chaos Emeralds. Play as Sonic or Tails to get back the Emeralds from Dr. Eggman.

10) Sonic Drift 2

If Nintendo has Mario Kart, Sega has Sonic Drift.

11) Sonic Labyrinth

Sega takes on making Sonic looks 3D on Game Gear.

12) Sonic The Hedgehog – Triple Trouble

Knuckles tricked by Dr. Eggman taking Sonic’s Chaos Emeralds. Play as Sonic or Tails to free Knuckles and beat Dr. Eggman one more time.

13) Star Wars

One of the best Star Wars game for the 8-bit era.

14) Street of Rage (or Bare Knucle in Japan)

Due to limited storage Game Gear has, the original Street of Rage game characters that’s playable here is just Axel and Blaze. No Adam. But that doesn’t make this game less fun, though in fact stages feel a lot easier in Game Gear version.

15) Street of Rage 2 (or Bare Knuckle 2 in Japan)

This time you can play with Axel, Blaze and Skate. Gameplay still feels a lot easier here than in Genesis/Mega Drive version. Nevertheless – it feels good to beat ’em everyone up in this game!

16) Strider Returns: Journey From Darkness

17) Tails Adventures

One of the forgotten Sonic spin-off which deserve a re-release in modern console. Defeat evil who burnt down Tails’ house.

18) Tails’ Sky Patrol

Same like above, this is another Sonic spinoff games where Tails appears on the game without Sonic. Story starts with Witch threatening anyone who oppose her into a crystal.

19) The G.G Shinobi II – The Silent Fury

Bring ’em up!

There are a lot more great games for Sega Game Gear other than those I mentioned above, but those are list that I personally played before and can recommend you they are worth playing even today.

What was your favorite Sega Game Gear game? Did you ever own/play Sega Game Gear before? Do give your comments down below on the comment section.

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