Delta Emulator: “Delta” is no longer available error fix

  • This tutorial detailed the steps to fix “Delta is no longer available” error happenin on Delta emulator.
  • This tutorial though intended for iPhone, but works the same for iPad as well as iPod Touch.
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There’s no doubt that Delta emulator is one of the best emulator out there for iPhone and iPad that emulates many retro game console. As of when this article is written, Delta emulator supports Nintendo / Famicom (in short: NES), Super Nintendo / Super Famicom (in short: SNES), Nintendo 64 (in short: N64), Game Boy (in short: GB), Game Boy Color (in short: GBC), Game Boy Advance (in short: GBA), Nintendo DS (in short: NDS).

However no matter how best Delta emulator is, there’s always errors lingering around. One of the most common error that people are facing is this “Delta is no longer available” error. There are multiple reasons why this error happened, but the most common one is either you forgot to renew Delta emulator on the AltStore within 7 days or you have just updated your iOS to the latest version.

In this article, I provided 2 methods to fix the issue which I have tested myself – because I too, encountered the same “Delta is no longer available” error multiple times and using either one of the 2 methods provided, my Delta emulator is always coming back up and running.

nintendo ds and nintendo ds lite
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Here’s how to fix “‘Delta’ is no longer available” Error


Before doing the steps, ensure you have computer running AltServer and have your iPhone / iPad connected to the computer. In case your computer doesn’t have AltServer running, refer to this article here, how you can setup AltServer on your computer: Complete guide how to sideload (including installing AltServer on computer) at JILAXZONE.

Here are the steps:

1) Run AltServer on the computer.

2) On your iPhone / iPad, open AltStore.

3) Once AltStore is opened, go to “Apps” tab and find “Delta”.

If “Expires in” shows number less than 0 day:

Do this only if the number of days left in “Expires in” is lesser than 0 day.

altstore fix error failed to perform authentication handshake with server
If “Expires in” show number lesser than zero, the fix is to refresh the app.

1) Tap on the “XX days” button to refresh Delta back to 7 days. XX refers to the number of days.

Now go back to iPhone Home screen and try running Delta emulator. If you can open Delta and no longer encountering the “Delta is no longer available” error, then you can skip the rest of the steps. However if the issue is still persist, proceed to the next section.

If “Expires in” shows number more than 0 day:

Do these steps only if the number of days left in “Expires in” is still more than 0 day and if the previous section method didn’t work for you.

1) Tap and hold “Delta” until the sub-menu pops up. Tap on “Deactivate”. Wait until the deactivation process is finished. Once finished, Delta will be placed under “Inactive” folder.

2) Tap and hold “Delta” again until the sub-menu pops up. This time, tap on “Activate”. Wait until the activation process is finished. Once finished, Delta will be placed under “Active” folder.

Now go back to iPhone Home screen and try running Delta emulator. If you do this correctly, Delta emulator shall open and the “Delta is no longer available” error is gone.

Bring it all together

Using the 2 methods provided above, should fix the “Delta is no longer available” error. However in case you have any queries or difficulties, write down on the comment section down below, I’ll be happy to help.

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