Here’s how to stop Google Photos from uploading & how to start it back

  • Find out how you can disable Google Photos auto-upload so you won’t get storage full on your Google Account.
  • The steps works on both Android and iOS.
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Unless you are using Google Pixel series smartphone and / or subscribed to Google One, you may want to control the usage of your Google Photos because any photos and videos uploaded after 1st June 2021 is counted towards your free 15GB storage quota. This free 15GB storage quota is shared across any apps and services that use your Google account, so not only your Google Photos is using the storage, but also your Gmail, Google Drive and many other Google apps and services that you are using. And when that free 15GB storage quota is full, what happen is some of the services and apps will get disrupted, such as you may not receiving email on your Gmail account until the storage is freed or you subscribe to Google One for bigger storage.

Google Pixel 3 unlimited storage on Google Photos
Unlimited storage is a thing in the past. Now Google Photos has only 15GB limit on the free tier.

Now if you don’t want all that to happen to your Google account, follow the steps shared here to limit your Google Photos upload, so you get pick and choose when to upload and when you shouldn’t upload.

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Here’s how to disable Google Photos auto backup and how to upload & backup only when you want it

The steps applicable for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Photos backup stopped because you're out of storage
Google account storage is full. Don’t let this happen to you. Do the steps shared here to avoid this from happening.

1) Open Google Photos app (if you are using iPhone) or Photos app (if you are using Android).

2) Inside the Google Photos app, tap on your Google Account (the profile picture), located on the top right of the screen, then tap on Photos settings.

3) Tap on Back up & Sync.

4) To stop Google Photos to keep uploading your photos & videos to the cloud, switch off “Back up & Sync”. To resume uploading (resume backup), switch on “Back up & Sync“.

That’s should be it.

Bring it all together

With the steps shared above, now you can limit and control when your photos and videos should get uploaded to Google Photos and when they shouldn’t, so you won’t always get alert from Google telling your Google account storage quota is full. Doing the steps above also avoid you from getting disruption on other Google apps and services because you have enough free storage for the rest.

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