Enable DualShock Vibration / Force Feedback on Windows PC

The steps shall enable your DualShock controller to have vibration function enabled in any compatible games. The X360CE setup is

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Sega 16-bit hidden gem discovered: Sonic the Hedgehog Prototype | Sega Genesis | Sega Mega Drive

“Gotta speed, keed….”, “Let’s juice….”, “It’s juice and jam time…”, “Up over and gone!”, “I’m waaiiiittttiiiiinnnngggg”, “Let’s do it to

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Recommended game to play: Yoshi’s Crafted World – Multiplayer Couch Co-op | Nintendo Switch

Find out Yoshi’s Crafted World story, game features and the reason why I love this game. For other interesting articles

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Best multiplayer Nintendo 64 games which you can play 2 player or more together | N64 | Project64 | Mupen64Plus

“Get N or Get Out!” There are 25 Nintendo 64 best multiplayer games listed on this article. Additional games may

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PS5: Battery Saving Tips & Tweaks for DualSense | PlayStation 5

See some key interesting facts about PS5 new DualSense controller and how you can preserve and prolong DualSense battery life.

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Genshin Impact: Here’s how you can play the game on unsupported iPhone & iPad models (such as iPhone 7 or before)

The same tweaks you also works for older iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models. Genshin Impact is one of the

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Recommended game to play: Mortal Kombat – Defenders of the Realm | Brawler | Android | PC

Ever wished to play a beat ’em up Mortal Kombat game? Now your wish is coming true! Mortal Kombat was

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Use Any Generic Bluetooth Controller to play games on Windows PC – PC Games, Steam, Emulator, or anything on PC

The steps shall enable your incompatible Bluetooth controller to be compatible and used in your games. For Bluetooth controller recommendation,

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Genshin Impact: Here’s how to play the game with any kinds of controllers

Genshin Impact is one of the best gift to us – FREE game to play and start with, with gorgeous

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