How to create App Icon for Your Favourite Websites on iPhone and iOS devices Home Screen

Well this is not iOS new features but probably not all people knew about this feature to create an icon on your iOS Home Screen for your favourite website, so there you go.

Advantages of creating shortcut icon on iOS Home Screen for each of your favourite websites

iOS Home Screen Website Bookmarking website bookmarking result
iOS Home Screen Website Bookmarking: How the website bookmarking like-app icon looks like

This is pretty much similar to bookmarking in browser, except you will see the physical like-app icon on your iOS Home Screen, so I, myself, called it Home Screen website bookmarking. If the actual browser bookmarks you need to first open the browser, find the correct folder (if you put different bookmarks on different folders) and find the correct website you want to open (you need to sort through text instead of icon), this home screen website bookmarking, you don’t need to first open the browser. You can easily find them by their icon. Here’s the detail advantages of doing and having Home Screen website bookmarking on your iOS device:

1. Easy access. Just tap the icon and your website will be opened on one of Safari tab. Sorting out between icons compared sorting out between browser bookmark text, the former should be easier for your eyes.
2. You can rename any websiteto any keyword that you like, so in case is way too complicated for you, you can add icon to your iOS Home Screen and just to be iOS Tips.
3. No need to juggle between browser tabs just to find in which tab the website is (assuming you opened it before).
4. No need to keep typing the URL address of your favourite website.
5. Group similar websiteto one iOS folder, making them easier to find.


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Here’s how to create Home Screen Website Bookmarking a.k.a create App Icon for your favourite websites on iOS:

You need to do this one time and for each of your favourite website.
1. Open Safari on iOS device.
2. Open a new Safari tab/use existing Safari tab.
3. Type in your favourite website URL address on the address bar. If you are into specific tab/folder/directory within a website, make sure you navigate first to that tab/folder/directory.
4. Let it open and load the web page.
5. Once the page opened, tap on the open button (square with arrow facing up).
iOS Home Screen Website Bookmarking tap open button
iOS Home Screen Website Bookmarking: Tap the Open Button
6. Depends on your iOS version, but find something like this “Add to Home Screen“.
iOS Home Screen Website Bookmarking Add to Home Screen
iOS Home Screen Website Bookmarking: Add to Home Screen (iOS 11 screenshot)
7. An icon will be created on your iOS home screen just like an app.
And that’s it. Redo for each of your favourite websites.

Wrapping  up: App Icon for each of your favourite website on iOS Home Screen

So the next time you want to visit your favourite website, you can save so much time and trouble by just tapping on the icon on your iOS home screen and voila, next thing happen is the page of the website is opened and ready for your consumption without the hassle to write the URL or search the correct browser tab.


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