Apple iPhone 12 Fake vs Real. Tips to easily identify a fake one (Applicable for iPhone 12 Pro & Pro Max too)

This guide is applicable to all iPhone 12 families, including iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone

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How to install & run iPhone / iPad apps and games on Apple Silicon Mac & Macbook running latest macOS

One of many advantages of the new Mac and Macbook running with new Apple Silicon chip, apart from performance and

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Is iPhone 12 Pro Max worth it? Don’t buy before knowing this fact: iPhone 12 Mini has better spec than iPhone 12 Pro Max

Surprising fact: the most expensive iPhone 12 model – the iPhone 12 Pro Max – has the lowest spec than

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This is how your password, credit card numbers & other credentials get stolen & recommendation on what to do instead.

Raising awareness to everyone on how easy your password, credit card numbers and other credentials get stolen. Though the screenshot

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iPadOS 14 & iOS 14 tweaks for faster performance, better battery life & privacy. Applicable for all iPhone & iPad models.

Either you are using a brand new iPhone or older models of iPhone, these are tweaks to make your iPhone

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As a time-keeping device, these are Apple Watch biggest issues, owners & potential buyers should know about.

Apple Watch is good, but… 5-year independent (read: complaint) review from Apple Watch owner. Apple Watch users and potential buyers

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Which iPhone supports Back Tap and How to use Back Tap on iOS 14 and up

Find out in this article iPhone model supports Back Tap Find out how to enable and disable Back Tap and

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Here’s how to run Android on your iPhone and iPad. No Jailbreak required.

Android is open source, why not fork a version for iOS devices? Many of you probably ask this, “Why you

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