Fix for iPhone Wi-Fi keeps Reconnecting After Updating to iOS 14

A rather simple fix for annoying issue. This fix should resolve your iPhone issue where Wi-Fi keeps getting disconnected then

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Fix for “(null) is Using Camera Access to Control Connected Cameras” | iPhone | iOS 14

Find out how to fix the annoying “(null) is Using Camera Access to Control Connected Cameras” error. For other interesting

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Here’s how to permanently delete photos & videos from iPhone running latest iOS

Do you know that deleting photos and videos from iPhone won’t actually delete them? Someone else who has access to

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Easily show YouTube video in landscape fullscreen mode on iPhone

The same method works for iPad and iPod Touch! Learn the easy trick to show YouTube videos in landscape fullscreen.

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How to watch YouTube without ads on iPhone without Premium account

The same method works for iPad and iPod Touch! No premium account required. No jailbreak needed! Learn how you can

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iPhone Tips: Always showing Desktop Website when browsing with Safari

Learn how to always show website page in Desktop version so intead of seeing the mobile version of the website

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iPhone owners: Reason why you should disable Control Center from iPhone Lock screen

Control Center hosts important access to your iPhone settings and one of the key to find your lost or stolen

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Bring your iPhone to the next level: A Custom Ringtone

A distinctive Home screen icons with customized ringtone are the perfect combination for iPhone users who wants to be different

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iPadOS 14 & iOS 14 tweaks for faster performance, better battery life & privacy. Applicable for all iPhone & iPad models.

Either you are using a brand new iPhone or older models of iPhone, these are tweaks to make your iPhone

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