Recommended place to visit in Singapore: Rower’s Bay, Seletar – Stunning place to see stunning sunset

Rower’s Bay is a stunning place to enjoy a beautiful sunset accompanied by stunning sceneries

  • Another place worth visiting in Singapore if you like nature, exploration and something different
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Rower’s Bay – also known as Rower’s Bay Park – is one of the place where you can rest and relax while enjoying the scenery of river, fishing, jogging or do leisure strolling and if you come on the right time, Rower’s Bay is also one of the best place to experience the sunset.

One picture worth a thousand words, one video should worth even more. Have a look on my video below – to see yourself what I’m talking about.

Rower’s Bay location

Spanning across Sungei Sopok and along the ~2KM Seletar Club Road, Rower’s Bay sits nicely next to the Yishun Dam.

Here’s the exact location of Rower’s Bay (feel free to zoom in/out):

Just in case you can’t see the live map above, use this link to get the same:

How to get to Rower’s Bay

This is how you can get to Rower’s Bay.

AddressSeletar Club Road, Seletar
Opening hours24-hour
Admission fee$0 a.k.a FREE
How to go hereBy Bus: Take service 103, 117 and alight on Bef Shell Aviation or Aft Shell Aviation, then walk to Rower’s Bay
By MRT: –
By Private Transport: There’s a public car park in Rower’s Bay area
reflection at rower's bay
Sungei Sopok combined with sunset provides a clear reflection of nearby trees & constructions – Rower’s Bay, Seletar, Singapore

Unfortunately there’s no MRT nearby Rower’s Bay, so you have to go here either by public bus or by other means of transport.

Best time to visit Rower’s Bay

Singapore is a tropical country where the sunlight can easily burn your skin. Unless you like to get sun-burnt, my recommendation would be to visit there starting from 6AM-8AM in the morning, so you can enjoy the freshness of the surrounding tress and river or 4PM-6PM in the afternoon so you can watch the sunset (~7PM). Any cloudy or light rainy day will do it too.

watching sunset at rower's bay
Watching the sunset at Rower’s Bay, Seletar, Singapore

My recommendation for first timer is to visit the area on the afternoon, close to evening, so you can witness one of the greatest event, when Sun is calling it for the day: sunset!

Things you need to carry with you when you visit Rower’s Bay

These are my recommendation which mostly are optional, but recommended:

1) Camera. Especially if this is your first time visiting Rower’s Bay.

2) Water bottle. While there’s water dispenser in one of the hut, but I do recommend to bring your own water bottle, just in case the water dispenser is under maintenance.

3) Snacks (optional). In case you are hungry while you are on the park. So far there’s no nearby convenient stores found.

4) Umbrella. Bring umbrella in case of raining or to cover you from the direct sun light.

5) Mosquito or insects repellent. During my visit, I didn’t get bites by these insects, but just in case your skin is quite sensitive and to avoid getting bites by mosquitos or alike, then it’s good to bring the repellent.

6) Picnic mat & food (optional). In case you want to enjoy the river while waiting for the sunset.

fishing at rower's bay
Fishing at Rower’s Bay, Seletar, Singapore

7) Fishing rod (optional). If you like fishing, this may be a good place. You can fish in the designated place within the park or along Yishun Dam.

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