Rail Corridor: Ex-KTM Railway now turned into Green Corridor | Singapore Must Visit!

Some people know it as rail corridor, while some others call it green corridor or the greenway.

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Rail corridor or green corridor or the greenway, they are referring to the same thing. An ex-KTM railway that’s turned into a shared space for greenery and recreational activities: jogging, trekking, cycling, photo-shooting, remembering history and so much more (depends on your creativity).

green corridor bukit timah railway station jilaxzone.com
Behind is what used to be KTM Bukit Timah Railway Station | Rail Corridor – Green Corridor – The Greenway

KTM is short for Keretapi Tanah Melayu, a rail operator company wholly-owned by Malaysian government. It dated back when Singapore was part of Malaysia. But long story short, now KTM has ceased operation in Singapore since 30 June 2011 ago (except the one in Woodlands) and the land used for railways is now freed for greenery and recreational activities.

To give you a glimpse of what used to be today green corridor, take a look at this video below.

Rail corridor / Green corridor location

The original rail track spans from Tanjong Pagar railway station (which soon to be CC31 – Cantonment, part of Circle Line in 2025, read here for more details) to Woodlands Train Checkpoint.

At the time this article is written, unfortunately I couldn’t find anywhere that says the green corridor is going to fully replace the rail track from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands as the shared space for greenery and recreational place. However, don’t fret about it. Today you can already enjoy the shared space – part of it.

My recommendation for first timer

rail corridor green corridor recommendation jilaxzone.com
Recommended route for first timer | Rail Corridor – Green Corridor – The Greenway

If this is your first time, I do recommend to take this route, from Rail Corridor Central (near to King Albert Park MRT station) to Alexandra Village (about 6.8 KM). Reason: you can see the historical Bukit Timah rail station and take a lot of pictures along the way, then end up at Alexandra Village where you can splurge your thirstiness and hungry for food (there are air-con shopping centers and hawker centers & IKEA).

Here’s the Rail Corridor Central to Alexandra Village route looks like (feel free to zoom in/out):

Just in case you can’t see the live map above, use this link to get the same: https://goo.gl/maps/dp5uwtvviMHQveZF9.

Article continues below.

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Here’s How to get to Rail corridor / Green corridor

If you are following my recommendation, you’ll start at Rail corridor Central and end up at Alexandra Village.

This is the address and how to get there.

AddressThe Greenway
Opening hours24 hours
Admission feeFREE! $0.
How to go hereBy Bus: Take service 66, 67, 74, 77, 151, 154, 157, 170, 170A, 171, 174, 852, 961, 961M, 970 and alight on King Albert Pk Stn or Opp King Albert Pk Stn
By MRT: Alight at King Albert Park MRT Station (Blue line)

If you alighting at King Albert Park MRT station (by Bus/MRT), you should be able to spot this bridge. Go closer to this bridge, that’s where the entrance to Rail corridor is.

bukit timah railway bridge jilaxzone.com
Bukit Timah Railway bridge | Rail Corridor – Green Corridor – The Greenway

Best time to visit Rail corridor / Green corridor

Singapore is a tropical country where the Sunlight can easily burn your skin. My recommendation would be to visit there between 6AM-10AM in the morning or 4PM-6PM in the afternoon.

rail corridor green corridor pathway jilaxzone.com
The pathway | Rail Corridor – Green Corridor – The Greenway

There are plenty of tall tress surrounding the area, but on the what used to be the rail track itself is pretty much empty – not covered by trees.

Things you need to carry with you

1) Water bottle. So far there’s no water dispenser found on the track. You can go outside the track to 7-11 or Cheers though to get yourself a drink.

2) Snacks (optional). In case you are hungry while you are on the track. But as I mentioned earlier, there’s 7-11 or Cheers nearby the track.

3) Umbrella. Bring umbrella in case of raining or to cover you from the direct sun light.

4) Mosquito or insects repellent. During my visit, I didn’t get bites by these insects, but just in case your skin is quite sensitive and to avoid getting bites by mosquites or alike, then it’s good to bring the repellent.

Summary & Recommendation

bukit timah railway station jilaxzone.com
Bukit Timah Railway Station back in 2015 and 2020 | Rail Corridor – Green Corridor – The Greenway

I came to this place first time back in December 2015, that was when Bukit Timah Railway Station still had the rail tracks and still opened to public for photo-taking. The second time was on 22nd August 2020 where I went from Rail corridor Central to South (Bukit Timah Railway station to Alexandra Village), most of the rail tracks along the greenway had been removed, but there are still constructions happening here and there. If you like greenery, nature and exploration, this is the place you should try going. You will soon learn that Singapore is so small, from Bukit Timah to Buona Vista then to one-north then to Alexandra Village is just few kilometers away (about 6.8 KM).

construction happening along rail corridor green corridor jilaxzone.com
Construction spotted along the way | Rail Corridor – Green Corridor – The Greenway

At the time this article is written, Rail corridor isn’t in its final form yet – there are still constructions going on and some of the tracks are reverted to alternate route, there is no huts for resting and take cover and there is no water fountain found along the way, so be sure to carry items I recommend for you on this article.

the interlace condo from different pov jilaxzone.com
The Interlace condo seen from Rail corridor | Rail Corridor – Green Corridor – The Greenway

On my 3rd visit sometime in the future, I think I’ll go from Rail corridor Central to North.

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