Passive income is real – $0.001 million milestone.

I always believe there’s rewards for people who wants to do more.

Nope, you don’t see it wrongly. I intentionally write the title as $0.001 million rather than $1000 (they are the same amount in case you are wondering) to make it eye-catching both to you and to me with the intention mainly to motivate myself to become the next self-made millionaire.

Everything starts from baby steps.

Within 327 days (I started getting my first dollar on 29th March 2018 last year), I reached $1000 milestone (I reached the milestone on 19th Feb 2019 – so that’s 327 days). You may laugh as much as you can, but everything starts from baby steps. So this $1000 is my baby steps towards hopefully bigger sums and a brighter future.

passive income here i come $0.001 milestone
I just surpassed my $0.001 million milestone on Passive Income last Feb 2019

There’s this saying: “Earning your first million is difficult but the next millions shouldn’t”. Hope the same applies to me – though on lower scale. Hopefully the next few thousands can materialize faster than the first thousand.

Passive income is real.

While there are out there people especially influencer earning millions of dollars, I just passed my humble milestone – $1000. It’s not much especially if you compare to those influencer, but I proved something; passive income is real. And that passive income is for everyone – even for normal people like me. You just have to have something to share with people, create something that other people can value, enjoy, need or look for – be it a service, product, anything. For my case is this blog or I like to call it “company”. Again, I like it to be eye-catching to motivate myself.

Passive income: The intention.

I enjoy my 9-5 work (for me it’s 9-6). I really do. But based on my personal observation this far, employee tends to become less productive as they grow older, while bosses always want everything to be closed and completed faster and better. In this case, fresh grads are always faster on execution though may not be better in results – older employees are better –
thanks to years of experiences in the job field – in getting the end result meeting the expectation but likely takes longer than a fresh grads.

I want to be less dependent on company who employs me. Because one day there will be one point where I can no longer give my best (fast and expected results) as I grow older, even if I wanted to and have given my best, the results and the speed I take may not meet the future expectations. They may realize I may no longer fit for the jobs – especially since nowadays technology advances beyond anybody’s imagination – everything now is interconnected, and there’s this A.I and Machine Learning – making it harder to play catching up game – catch up with the technology itself and catch up with younger generations – fresh grads.

Before that day eventually come to me, I hope I can be financially independent and not restricted by any 9-5 job, so I don’t need to worry so much as I grow older on what to eat and where to live the next day. And that is my whole intention setting up this passive income stream since last year.

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Passive income: The struggle​.

Now likely you have a saying, “Why not build your own company and be the boss myself?”. Well, that’s easier said than done! But that’s exactly the thing I’m trying to do here, though executing it a little bit different.

I’m going to build a “company” that has me as the boss and at the same time, myself as the employee. A single person “company” through this blog.

In fact I have started the “company” since mid 2016. To make it clear, whenever I write “company”, it’s referring to my humble blog here. Again, I choose to use “company” rather than “blog” with the main intention is to motivate myself and at the same time to make it eye-catching to readers.

I’m an introvert!

So I have decided to build my own single “company”. And being an introvert myself, I chose the old-fashioned-way, writing articles on a blog rather than creating and making today’s golden standard: podcast or video blog (vlog). As an introvert, I pretty much enjoy writing compared to talking on a podcast or making myself appear on a vlog.

I don’t have niche yet!

And another bigger struggle is that I haven’t really found my niche. So far everything I wrote and published was kind of mixed contents and purely based on what I have encountered and/or experienced myself. This article is also one of those mixed contents of mine.

And that what makes my “company” may not have returning customers (read: readers) since my blog posts and articles keep changing topics – from tech, life, travel, passive income, anything and not sticking to just one topic.

I don’t have many evergreen contents.

As a blogger, many of my articles are not what people called as “evergreen” contents. (Evergreen – stories that are always of interest to readers and always relevant, though it was posted years ago). Most of them are tech-related.

Too many tech-related contents which expires after few months/days.

As you know, tech is something moving really fast these days. So any articles related to tech which was posted few months back, may no longer relevant and make sense today.

However, tech-related topics are not entirely bad. In fact, one of my best moments earning passive income was through tech-related topics. One of them was when I posted article related to WhatsApp. At that time, WhatsApp had just announced its long-awaited feature: stickers. The writing on WhatsApp stickers was a hit and I was earning more than $10 a day from AdSense for few consecutive days.

passive income earning
One of my best day earning my Passive Income – view from my AdSense widget

Passive income: Lesson learned

Enough with the struggles! The lesson learned here from setting up passive income stream is that while sleeping, I can still earn some dollars and cents. My setup doesn’t stop earning me money while I stop working and start sleeping.

While it’s not as simple as everyone think it is, but also not as hard as everyone thought they are.

When I said sleeping and still earning money, doesn’t mean to tell you, you don’t need to do anything and the money will still come. Nope.

To start earning passive income, you have to put the work upfront. The kind of work that can still earning you money without you continuously doing it. In my case is this “company” of mine (read: blog). I put a lot of upfront works, spending time writing articles and sharing them – while everybody else are sleeping.

And in my case, writing is the easiest part. The harder part is getting time to actually doing it. And the hardest part is to get people (read: readers) into the platform – this website to read my articles.

Apart from them, some other lessons I learned are:

  1. How I prioritize my life and choose to use my free time wisely between playing games, or relaxing, or watching Netflix, or writing articles. Of course, these days I mostly choose the latter part – writing articles, building my passive income stream.
  2. Be persistent but don’t be afraid to try different things. I keep writing and keep sharing them. And as results, my readers and reach are growing. At the same time, writing different topics making me know which topics people like to read the most and which topics people don’t like.

What about you?

Enough about me. Since Passive income is real and for everyone – this article is the living proof, are you going to create passive income streams of yours? Or have you started already?

The secret of getting rich and wealthy they can do it i can do it you can do it too
They can do it. I can do it. You can do it too!

If you have started already, what are the struggles you were facing and what lessons learned have you got?

Do give your comments and thoughts down below on the comment section. Cheers!

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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