Mario Kart Tour Cheats, Tips and Tricks to win without spending any real money

Finally Mario Kart Tour available for all of us to play! I have been waiting for this day to come and finally there it is. While the game is free to play but it comes with subscription and a lot of in-app purchases. But not to worry, here on this article, I will show you how to enjoy playing the game, winning the races while at the same time spend $0 on it.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con
With AAA titles such as Mario Kart is coming to mobile, do you still need to buy and own Nintendo Switch?

Question to all of you: with more and more AAA Nintendo titles come to mobile (Android and iOS), is Nintendo Switch still worthy to buy? Read the full article here and do give your comments on it.

mario kart tour gold pass
Gold Pass subscription and ways to avoid subscribing to it…because why not, and yes you can!

Mario Kart Tour: Official Download link

In case you haven’t downloaded the game and played it, here’s the official download link.

OSAndroid 4.4 or upiOS 10 or up
Internet connection required YesYes
Download linkgoogle play store jilaxzone logo Androidios app store jilaxzone logo
Alternative linkAndroid linkiOS link

Just in case your Android device is not fully supported, here’s how you can download Mario Kart Tour APK from APK Mirror: Link.

Mario Kart Tour: Fun Facts

Though you have played the Mario Kart Tour (MKT) game, I bet some of the fun facts below, you either may not know or miss to know about them.

mario kart tour nintendo account is a must
Fun fact: To play Mario Kart Tour, a Nintendo Account is a must-to-have. Anyway it is free to create one

1) The first two characters are random, but you won’t get Mario (I didn’t and so did my bunch of friends who played MKT).

2) Most game settings are only available after you clear one Cup. So quickly clear the first one.

3) Unlike other Mario Kart games, in MKT there are only 2 rounds per race.

mario kart tour baby mario
Big Mario is a paid character, but anyway Baby Mario is good enough!

4) Unlike other Mario Kart games, MKT won’t allow you to get out from the track. So don’t worry to do any kinds of actions because you won’t fall down the track.

5) To unlock a new character in MKT is to fire off the pipe.

mario kart tour fire off pipe new character
Firing off the pipe to get new characters / karts / gliders requires at least 5 Rubies

6) If you fire off the pipe to get new character, if you get the same character, the new one is used to level up the same character. So nothing is wasted.

7) To unlock a new Race Cup, being #1 and winning the race are not enough, sorry! You have to accumulated enough points during the race to get Grand Stars. Grand Stars are the one used to unlock new Race Cup and gifts.

mario kart tour grand stars
Higher points = more Grand Stars = more Cups are available to play with

8) There are 3 points accumulated during the race: Position point, bonus point, and base point.

9) Position point is the point you get based on winning position when you complete the race. The better your position is, the bigger the points are. Finishing the track as #1 of course gets the biggest position point.

10) Bonus point is the point you get based on actions performed during the race, such as drifting, boost jumping, gliding.

11) Base point: Driver point + Kart point + Glider point.

12) Leveling up not only increases Driver point, Kart point and Glider point, but it also increases the amount of Position points you received after races.

13) 50cc VS 100cc VS 150cc is equivalent to Easy VS Medium VS Hard.

14) Unlocked 100cc when you level up to level 2.

15) Unlocked 150cc when you level up to level 3.

16) Unlocked 200cc when you subscribe to gold subscription.

17) There are 3 currencies on MKT: Gold coins, Rubies and actual money.

18) Gold coins can be collected throughout the tracks during the race or Coin Rush and to be used in MKT Shop.

19) Rubies are used for firing off the pipe (getting new character/kart/glider or play Coin Rush).

20) Actual money is used to subscribe to Gold subscription or to buy Rubies and Gold coins or other items on MKT Shop.

21) MKT Shop provides drivers, karts and gliders. You can either buy using the gold coins you have been collecting during the race or to buy with your local actual currency.

22) Adding friends is only available after ranking is available (after you unlocked Koopa Troopa cup – the 4th Cup).

mario kart tour complete vs finish
Complete vs Finish – the difference between them

23) Complete! VS Finish! on Cups. Complete! means you finish all tracks and collect all the available Grand Stars while Finish! means you finish all tracks but haven’t collected all the available Grand Stars.

24) Every time you level up you’ll get 5 rubies.

25) Player level can increase and decrease. If you lose, your player level will decrease.

26) It’s Rubies not Rubbies. The earlier is one of MKT currency while the latter one is basically rubbish 🙂

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Mario Kart Tour: Tips & Tricks and Cheats

The following tips, tricks and cheats won’t get you banned instead getting you to be the winner without spending any dimes for it.

mario kart tour finish 1st winner
Finish #1 without spending any single in-app purchases. Yes that is totally possible!

Getting free item.

  • Though it’s obvious, but do login to the game every single day just to get new bonus everyday.

In case Touch control is not your thing…

mario kart tour touch control
Good job Miyamoto-san for such brilliant control of Mario Kart Tour!
  • You can use Gyro – as long as your device supports it. Go to Menu then Settings, turn on Gyro Handling.

If you want to have more steering control.

  • Just like a normal Mario Kart game – which you can drift and get Ultra Mini-Boost, then go to Menu then Settings and turn on Manual Drift.
mario kart tour cheat settings
Settings you may want to consider to make the games more interesting and easy to win

If you keep hitting the wall…

  • Though you can’t really fall down to the hole or out of the circuit, but if you keep hitting the wall, do consider turning on steering assistance. Go to Menu then Settings then turn on Smart Steering.

Drifting = more Bonus points = more Grand Stars.

  • To be able to drift, you first must choose Manual Drift on Settings. Go to Menu then Settings, turn on Manual Drift.
  • To drift, during race when turning left, swipe to the left, then without releasing your finger from the screen swipe to the right then left again until you see the sparks appear. Same goes when turning right, swipe to the right, then without releasing your finger from the screen, swipe to the left then right again until sparks appear.
  • Blue sparks will give you a short Ultra Mini-Turbo boost.
  • Yellow sparks will give you longer Ultra Mini-Turbo boost.
  • Purple sparks will give you the longest Ultra Mini-Turbo boost.
  • Aim to get yellow or purple sparks to get better boost!

Perform Rocket Start on every race.

mario kart tour rocket start
Perform a Rocket Start to get you ahead of everyone else during the beginning of race
  • Rocket start is nothing but a jump start or doing Ultra Mini-Turbo boost during the start of the race. In MKT, Nintendo make it even more simpler. As long as you tap on the screen when the count down reach “2”, you’ll get a Rocket Start.

Perform Jump Boost every time you jump

  • Doing jump boost shall give your character Ultra Mini-Boost after jumping.
  • To do Jump Boost, while jumping tap the screen or easiest way is to slide up/down/left/right (watch out, if you have item, sliding up/down will activate the item).

Earning more Bonus points

  • For extra Bonus points: During jump, tap the screen, or swipe up/down/left/right. Your character will perform some style and at the same time you get boost jumping and earning more bonus points.
  • For 2x Bonus points: Choose Kart that gives you 2x Bonus point on the Kart selection screen.
  • For 3x combo bonus and big combo-time boost: Choose glider that gives you the max (3x) combo bonus at the Glider selection screen.

Getting and storing 3 items.

  • On MKT, it’s possible to get more than 1 item when you hit the item box during the race. In fact, you can get and store up to 3 items when you hit item boxes along on the arena.
  • To be able to store 3 items, choose the recommended character for the track (the top most choices).
  • Then during the race, freely hit as many item boxes as you can to get and store more items. More items = better chance of winning = better chance to get you more points = more Grand Stars.

If you don’t want your item to be auto used...

  • In case you didn’t notice, but every time you collected item, the item is auto-use. That because by default, on MKT, Auto-item is turned on. Auto-item will directly use any item you get from the item box.
  • To turn it off, go to Menu then Settings, turn off Auto-item.

Frenzy mode! Unlimited use of items!!

  • If you collect 3 same items, tap the screen to activate frenzy mode.
  • During frenzy mode, you can use the collected items without limit, so keep tapping the screen to keep using the items!

Spend the gold coins.

  • Items at the MKT Shop are changed each days.
  • If you see any items you like on the MKT Shop, don’t postpone, buy them, otherwise the next day, the items will be gone and rotated.
  • You can buy the same item you bought before, it will level up your exsiting item.
  • When you level up Karts and Gliders, it will raise the Base point of Karts and Gliders during the race. Better Base points = more Grand Stars.

Spend the Rubies don’t save them.

  • At the beginning, you’ll get 2 random characters which you may or may not like them. Good if you do like them, but if you don’t, fire off the pipe until all your Rubies are gone and/or until you get character that you like.
mario kart tour upgrade kart and glider
Focus on one character, then keep upgrading your Kart and Glider to the top
  • Saving Rubies won’t get you anything. But spending Rubies will unlock you to a new possibilities of getting not only new character but also upgrades. Better upgrades = better chance of winning = better chance of getting more Grand Stars.
  • Rubies not only get you a character, but also Kart or Glider.

Need more Rubies?

  • Easiest way is to keep leveling up. Each time you level up, Rubies shall be sent to you.

Leveling up faster?

  • Take 150cc race and win it, you’ll get more points and level up faster.

Always race the 150cc race.

  • At the beginning of the game, it’s ok to race 50cc or 100cc race, but as you learn and master the mechanics of the game, try to always go for 150cc race, not only it saves you time to not redoing the race with higher cc, it also gives you more Bonus point, more Position points and better Exp (which leads to better Base points).
  • If on any particular track and Cup, the 150cc is way to hard, try the following tips: turn off Manual Drift, turn on Smart Steering. It should now be easier for you to win the race (but lesser Bonus point since you can’t drift)

Running out of battery?

  • Turn on the Power Saving. Go to Menu then Settings, turn on Power Saving.
  • If you have more than one device (Android or iOS), install another copy of MKT on the other device then login your Nintendo account on other device then you are good to continue the race. You can cross platform, such as start on Android then continue on iOS and vice versa – so long you are using the same Nintendo account.

Complete Daily Challenges = Earn more Grand Stars.

  • There’s daily challenges on MKT. Be sure to complete them as soon as they appear.
  • For every daily challenge you do, you’ll get one extra Grand Star.

Mario Kart Tour: How to easily win the race?

Easy peasy! After playing it quite sometime, my recommendation is to stick to one character that you like the most. Then always upgrade this character, including upgrading your favorite Kart and Glider. Then you must be easily ahead of everyone else – at least in the stats!

mario kart tour rank 1
Mario Kart Tour – Always on the very top of the chart!

To ensure you to always win the race, apart from sticking to your favorite character, Kart and Glider, do the following combinations: Perform a Rocket start, then always drift whenever possible to earn you Ultra Mini-Turbo boost, then perform jump boost when jumping.

Only when your favorite character has reached its max stats for the day, then change to your second favorite character. By doing so, not only you have a strong character but also chances of winning simply bigger and better!

Mario Kart Tour: How to play Multiplayer?

The option is there though disabled. As of this writing, multiplayer is not yet available. It will only available in future version update – which unfortunately Nintendo didn’t give any exact date for it. So stay tuned!

Bring it all together

I’m still in discovering phase to get more and more ways to win the race without spending a dime on it and so far I’ve successfully done that. I’ll keep updating this article whenever I found some new tips & tricks and cheats to share.

In case you have something that I haven’t mentioned above, feel free to share on the comment section down below. Cheers!

Do you have anything you want me to cover on my next article? Write them down on the comment section down below.

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